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Homepage of TAS

You are visiting the homepage of the TAS program. TAS is an assembler for the Motorola Time Processor Unit. It is compatible with the syntax of the assembler distributed by Motorola.

TAS is free software, it has been released under the Free Software Foundation's GNU General Public License. Consequently it comes with no warranty at all. For details see the license, included in the source distribution.

TAS was written on Linux and has been ported to most unix-ish systems. It used to compile with GNUWIN for Windows (in a DOS window). We do not know if it can still be compiled or not. For more details, please read the FAQ.

Current Stable Version

This is V1.0.0 (last modified on 1999 December 14). First public release.


TAS comes with a lengthy man page that also covers most of the TPU itself. The man page is in the source distribution.


To compile TAS you need flex, bison and an ANSI C compiler.
TAS does not have a fancy ./configure script, so you have to edit the Makefile. Then type make. Copy the resulting executive ('tas' by default) to your favourite binary directory and 'tas.1', the man page to wherever you keep the first chapter of man. That's it.


tas-1.0.tgz, the source of TAS, a gzipped tar file, 124KB.

Known Bugs and Issues

None known.