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Bendor Research was founded in 1995 to provide embedded systems design and consultancy services. Since then we have worked on a lot of projects to the satisfaction of our customers. We have designed software and/or hardware or delivered consultancy services to companies such as Fairlight, VFJ Technology, ERG and FleetAssist. After the first contract they all came back with more projects - some for many years.

In order to extend our business we will soon introduce our own product, a low cost, high speed, multi-purpose, programmable debug pod. It is currently in alpha state, we will announce when it gets ready for beta testing.


We often cooperate with Racetronic Controls Pty. Ltd., an other company in the embedded systems world. Their knowledge on their field of interest well complements ours and vica versa. By pooling our expertise and experience we are able to offer a much broader spectra of services than either of us alone.

We also have long-term relationships with the Department of Anatomy and Histology at the University of Sydney and the Research School of Biological Sciences at The Australian National University.

Community Relations

In our day to day operations we rely on and often make our living by using free software. We try to pay our debt to all those programmers who donated their time to create those wonderful programs by chipping in and offering some free software ourselves.

Future Plans

We want to change our profile from a purely consultancy services company to a mixed, products and services company. Our first product will soon be available and we are already planning the next one.