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We offer embedded systems design and consultancy. We have the expertise and experince to design and deliver embedded systems. Depending on your needs we can design modules or entire products from functional specifications. If you have nothing more than a wish-list, we can sit down with you and turn that into a realistic functional specification.

We offer a broad range of services. We can design digital and analogue hardware, FPGAs, single and multiprocessor systems, controllers for 24/7 operations. We can design the software for your system, including firmware, communications and device drivers. Soft and hard realtime requirements, tight timing and minimal resources just make the job more interesting. We also know that documentation is part of the design process, just as important as the hardware and software.

Contactless smartcard? RF modem? Distributed system? Data acquisition? Reliable communication? Low power? Industrial or automotive environment? Sure! All in all, it is not enough to make money, one has to enjoy work as well!

Our rates are competitive and our number one priority is to deliver to your satisfaction. We know that the hard bit is to keep the customer. We want you to come back and we know that the only way to gain your trust is through reliability and quality. We believe that it is worth to be honest in the long run. If we can do it, we will tell you how long and how much. It will then be that long and that much. If we can't do it, we will tell you that too - we rather loose a contract now than a customer for ever.

If you need more details about our expertise or past experience on specific areas, or of course if you have a project in mind, please do not hesitate to contact us.